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Founded over 50 years ago, Wood Shavings Ontario is a leader in animal bedding production and delivery.

About Us

Wood Shavings Ontario Inc. has been in business for over 50 years. In 2002 the business was purchased from the original owner and has continued to grow since.  We pick up our products from different suppliers throughout southern Ontario and we have been working closely with some of them over 35 years.

Bulk Wood Shavings

Bulk shavings are available as Fines, Flakes, or a mixture of both for absorbency and floor coverage. We have 100% softwood pine and spruce virgin wood shavings. We can blend your load to meets your requirements.

At the mills, shavings are dumped from over-head bins and dust collectors, into walking floor trailers, straight trucks and roll off bins.  This ensures there is no contamination of the product.

The trailers and straight trucks all have walking floors.  We require a 13’-6” door opening to unload these loads,

We also have a smaller truck with a walking floor that can unload inside a 12’ door. This truck also has a belt on the front to unload into your forage blower

We also can blow wood shavings into the 2nd story of poultry barns or sheds.

Clean dry storage is the key factor to a bulk shaving bedding program. We stock product all summer to ensure you won’t be without in the winter months

  • loads can be delivered in 35ft. straight trucks, 48-53 foot trailers and roll off bins
  • Straight trucks hold over 70 cubic yards
  • 48-53 foot trailers hold approximately 80-150 yards
  • Our blower trucks are also capable of carrying 70 cubic yard loads
  • All our product is kiln dried wood shavings.

No matter what type of absorbency or coverage you require, we can help. Submit your request today!

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